How to Enlarge Photos on Blogger, Part 2

• 12 January 2009

It used to be that bloggers could simply do this trick to enlarge photos on Blogger (making a "large" photo into "extra large") but now there are a few additional steps. Instead of 10 seconds, you'll need about a minute this time :)

1. Follow step one as outlined (changing s400 to s640).

2. Locate the "width" and "height" measurements.

3. Now take those measurements, and add about 60% to them. For example, if you have a photo with a "height" measurement of 253, then add somewhere around 152 (round up). Change the "height" measurement to "405". If your "width" measurement is 400, then add 240 (60% of 400), for a total of "640" as the "height" measurement.

Now my picture is set to an "s640" variable with "width" and "height" measurements "640" and "405" respectively. Enjoy your big, beautiful photos...again!


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