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Budget Bedroom Makeover: My Desk

• 14 January 2009

I shared my reading nook with you here, and now I'm {finally!} ready to share my desk space as well. Boy, this Budget Makeover gig has really dragged out...I guess that's what happens when you are trying to save $ and find the best deals!

I have to say I love my new's really simple, clean, and appealing to me somehow. My only regret is not being able to spend more time there...those quiet moments don't come as frequently as they used to :) However, it is nice to have a quiet space, that's just mine, where I can make lists, write correspondence, dream a little, etc. Since I'm a firm believer that every woman needs "alone time" every day for a short while, I'm pretty happy I have a place to turn. Thankfully I do have the pleasure of looking at it every single day, as it is in my bedroom, which somehow makes me feel like I'm "using the space". In addition, the Husband likes draping his clothes on my desk chair so he also finds it worthwhile to have around too :) I mostly used things/pieces I already had to curb costs, so it turned out to be a less-than-$100-total project--that's furniture, accessories, board, fabric...everything.

I made an inspiration board (inspired by many-a-blog) to utilize the height of the wall, and to also create a space for all the little notes, cards, and pictures I like to display in a casual way. Also, since the desk provides zero storage, I needed to figure out an attractive way to provide some for myself :) I found this photo storage box and decided it would do the trick. It hides my pens, papers, cards, and any other junk I want to throw in there!

Since I'm always cruising the "Resources" section of beloved magazines, I thought I'd share all the ins and outs with case there is one person out there like me! I LOVE to know where people pick up their great stuff :)

Starting with the Basics:

* desk - found in IKEA's "As-Is" section
* chair - from the Husband's old office space
* board - made from paperboard sold at Home Depot and fabric from Joanns
* white canvas box - a Bukoos find; originally from the catalogue Exposures
* pottery - from Ali's moving sale; letterpress calendar inside from Amber
* pencils - Muji
* mini calendar - Snow & Graham
* plant & pot - Cactus & Tropicals
* clip lamp - from Pottery Barn originally but I bought it on Craigslist

There ya have it! I'd love to see pictures of your personal spaces/office areas so feel free to pass along a picture to me if you have a moment.


  1. I love this space! I have that same Snow & Graham mini calendar on my desk - it makes me happy every day. I also love exposures photo boxes, wish I had more of them - that's a perfect place to store things. What's Bukoos?

    Also, the pencils... a pleasing sight and very inspiring!

  2. Gasp!! I love it. and love the the little plant.

  3. so pretty and bright, great job!

  4. LOVE the photographs, Steph! Job well done, capturing the aesthetic pleasure of your new little spot.

  5. so pretty and practical. love it.

  6. love it stephanie! do you still have your reading corner? i also wanted to know how you made your board. i've been wanting to make something like that for me and my children in their rooms. paperboard you said from home depot. how do you attach the fabric on the back of the board? and how did you hang it? did you have to attach some kind of wall-hanging-thingy? is there a kind of fabric that you would suggest using? i suppose regular tacks can be used to hang things on the board? love love love the pencils. shows how much you value hard copy....and mail through the mailman. sorry for all the questions...i'm pretty remedial.:)

  7. I love it. I wish I could have seen it in person last week! xoxo

  8. Thanks for letting me drape my clothes over the chair! Love you!

  9. It looks so lovely! Could you possibly pass on information about how to cover a board like that?


  10. Stephanie, this is so beautiful. So simple and so beautiful! Today I am also creating a space for myself and right now you can barely see the floor. Thanks for giving me some motivation to keep going!

  11. Oooh... so lovely. I also would like to know details about how you made the inspiration board. Also - what color are your walls? I just painted my daughters room a pale grey but they seem to have a slight lavendar tint and it's sorta making me crazy!

  12. Just discovered your site and love it.


  13. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  14. WOW! Stephanie! It looks so nice!!

    By the way, how did you get the Muji color pencils? In NY? Muji is one of my favorite shops in Japan.

  15. Laurie, Bukoos is a discount store up in Farmington. One of those "hit or miss" type places...but I do love a good bargain when I can find it!

    "N", you are not the first to request info about the board, maybe I will have to post about it. Thank you for the suggestion!

    Wami, Ben brought the MUJI pencils back from Paris. They have a few stores there now too!

  16. Thank you for sharing your special spot. You've inspired me to move my computer off the dining room table and create a little desk spot of my own. Heading to Ikea shortly! (Also, there's a selection of MUJI stuff online at, including a colored pencil set!)

  17. Brooke, the color on the walls is Restoration Hardware's Bay Laurel. We took the swatch to Benjamin Moore though b/c they make better paint supposedly. Hope that helps and sorry for the lag time in responding!


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