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• 23 January 2009

I am only a couple of weeks away from needing a new MomME planner so I recently placed an order (I don't want to see what life is like around here without it!). It's the one thing I use daily to keep me organized and I enjoy it for a couple of reasons. First, I love how little space it takes up and how it nicely it fits on my little countertop; second, I love that it lasts me over a year so I only have to think about it once every 13 months or so (who needs one more thing to remember?!) A happy discovery indeed.

Jenny, the talented creator and entrepreneur behind LobotoME products, shares how shes uses her MomME planner here. Granted, everyone keeps themselves organized in different ways, but it's nice to see it "in action". Sometimes when I go shopping I simply cut out the little shopping list so I don't have to re-write it. And, I use the upper left columns to write down ideas for blog posts. So you see, it's a great calendar no matter how you use it!

You can pick them up at your local Container Store or online here.


  1. I really love my MomME planner too. So well thought out and just the right amount of space to write all of those mommy to do's.

  2. I visited Lobotome,and I LOVE every planner she great organizing


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