Organizing Tip #21

• 20 January 2009

Keep a bin of unisex, mated socks in the mudroom.

(or near the door from which you most often exit).

Finding socks & putting on one's socks (if they could be found) became a source of conflict around here in the morning. You may think I'm overstating, but really, it was getting out of hand. It felt as if I heard at least one of the following statements every single day:

"Mom, I can't find any socks!" (okay so maybe this is my fault...I tend to wait awhile to fold laundry)

"Mom, do I haaaave to go upstairs and get my socks?" (it is 10 degrees outside..."yes" is the answer.)

"Mom, these are giiirls socks." (oops...did I put lacy socks in my son's closet?!)

We wasted a lot of time and seriously, I don't want to contend with my kids over mere socks! So I came up with a two-fold plan.

First, since my two oldest (now 7 and 4) are within a few shoe sizes of each other, I bought two large bags of plain white socks in a size that fits both kids. I like the white socks at Old Navy because they are well-priced, totally unisex, are of surprisingly decent quality, and have skids on the bottom to prevent unnecessary slips on the hardwood floors.

Second, after folding laundry, I immediately place a bunch of mated socks in a galvanized metal bin inside my mudroom. I would even say I place most of their socks in this bin. Now, when I am heading out the door I always have socks on hand, within reach, for my little people. We don't argue anymore (well, not about socks anyway), no one has to run upstairs when we are already running late, and no one has to worry about donning socks that are too girly :)

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