stephmodo: 5 Steps to Realistic Organizing

5 Steps to Realistic Organizing

• 12 February 2009

January is over...the manic organizing frenzy we embark on after the New Year has probably toned down a little for most of us. Or maybe, we're just getting started. Whatever the case may be in your neck of the woods, here are a few things to keep in mind throughout the process to avoid becoming overwhelmed. It's all about expectations baby.

1. Whatever you organize will have to be redone in 6 months (okay, so I'm speaking for myself but I have an inkling it might apply to a few others-wink, wink). Accept it, but don't let it keep you from trying. The way I see it, what's neglect or constant care? Kudos for any attempts in my book. Life happens, junk happens, and the only way to stay on top of either is to give it a little TLC.

2. There is always something to organize. Always.

3. It's imperative you receive support from other family members to make systems work. I like one suggestion I read in Real Simple awhile back...everyone pretends they are a hurricane for ten minutes a day. This makes it more fun for the kids and gives them motivation to work fast. I kinda want to try that.

4. Even the most organized person needs one dumping ground in my book , whether it be a drawer (my choice!), a cupboard or whatever. That being said, it's good to go through that "dumping ground" every few months so it doesn't become Mt. Everest instead.

5. The most important part of organizing is first eliminating. Getting rid of extra stuff means less to organize, less to clean, and most importantly, less to upkeep. Think of how little people used to live with...and how happy they were. We could all do with a little less ourselves, especially when there are so many others in need. Just a thought...

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