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Recycled Calendar

• 12 February 2009

I couldn't bear to toss my 2008 Snow & Graham's too beautiful for such an end. While sitting down to start making Valentines with my daughter, I decided to make them into blank notes. I could always use a few more of those on hand. Gratefully, I still had a few clear vellum envelopes left (I bought them for pennies at a San Francisco tag sale), which showcase the pretty graphics even before the envelope is opened.

So if you have an old calendar sitting around...

Step 1. Detach papers

Step 2: Using a paper cutter, cut the calendar pages into a size barely smaller than the envelope you decide to use for the project.

Step 3:'re ready for a special delivery.


  1. That is a great idea! I have saved my Port2Port calendar to use for gift tags for my family. It is way too beautiful to get rid of.

  2. What a great idea! Those look beautiful and i love the envelope you chose.

  3. that's a great idea. i need to find some envelopes to have on hand.

  4. It looks even better than you describe. whoo-hoo!

  5. brilliant idea! And excellent recycling

  6. I love your idea but I think I'm missing something. Is the side without the graphics blank?

    Lovely blog and great ideas.

  7. Sallymandy:

    Yes, the opposite side is completely blank.

  8. A very creative way to go "green"! ;-)

  9. I love this idea. Fantastic presentation..


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