Frozen Key Lime Pie

• 13 February 2009


Add this dessert to your top's incredibly delicious and the "make-ahead" nature of the pie makes it ultra convenient. You will love it. Guaranteed :)

When I take the time to make this, I always double the recipe and make two pies. It's not a lot of extra effort preparation-wise but you end up with double the dessert. And these pies last up to 3 months in the freezer so there isn't a rush to consume...although you may have a difficult time convincing yourself of that once you taste it. I've heard it dubbed "the best key lime pie" by more than a few.

Some notes about this recipe you may want to consider:

1. You'll want to almost double the zest. It's so much better nice 'n tart.

2. Mixing the egg mixture until it's thick and creamy is essential. In the past I haven't mixed it long enough or on a high enough setting and my filling didn't turn out as well.

3. Don't be tempted to buy a ready-made crust. They are expensive and bland. The graham cracker crust takes 10 minutes to make max and isn't difficult at all. Promise. Three ingredients is all it takes folks.

4. Even if I can find the rare key lime, I typically just use regular limes for the filling. I can't imagine it being anymore delicious than it already is despite using conventional limes. I will, however, purchase a few key limes for garnish. They look adorable on top of the cream topping given how miniature they are.

5. Wrap well before placing the pies in the freezer. Consider two or three layers or plastic wrap.

6. Never make this on the day you want to consume won't be set in time. I made this mistake once and the pie wasn't ready to eat despite the fact that it was in the freezer for 6-8 hours. It truly requires an "overnight stay" in your freezer.



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