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Homemade Vanilla Extract

• 10 February 2009

I am LOVING the idea of making my own vanilla extract. Has anyone ever done this? If so, is it exceptionally delicious? I imagine it would be.

image from Chocolate & Zucchini


  1. My sister in-law did this, and it was delicious. We decided we would make these prior to this coming Christmas and then give them as presents.
    I believe she used the rum. It tasted very similar to the Kirkland brand pure vanilla available at Costco(my favorite vanilla).

  2. I did this for Christmas gifts one year and it was a huge hit. Much more fragrant than regular extract. I found little bottles at the Container Store.

  3. ooh i've never tried but i can't imagine it beats the fabulous mexican vanilla i brought back from my trip

  4. I just soak a few beans in vodka for a month or so--it's easy & looks pretty, too. Love your blog! --Tanner

  5. I just scrape some vanilla beans and plop them in a bottle of vodka to soak. It smells heavenly, and tastes divine - definitely worth trying! I blogged it here: Enjoy!

  6. i do this for presents all the time
    it is a million +1 times better
    than anything you can buy
    but the best recommendation?
    use the best vodka you can afford
    makes a world of difference :)

  7. Here is a link to a tutorial we just posted on this very subject! Both my Sister and Sister-In-Law make their own vanilla. It's so delicious!



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