Kitchen Sink Spruce Up No.2

• 27 February 2009

I love discovering easy ways to improve some aspect of my living know, little makeovers that only take minutes to complete but have a huge effect on your surroundings. Of all the easy makeover tips I've read over the years, this one has to be my favorite.

Because kitchens are often the gathering spots in most households, you'll enjoy the benefits of this spruce up every single day (like I do!). If you're concerned about achieving a sweet new "look for less", this is the one to tackle. And you don't need to consider yourself a "DIY'er" to handle this one.

Step 1. Remove everything from your kitchen counters that isn't used 2-3 times per week. For me that meant storing my blender in my cupboard and relocating the toaster. This one feels so good to about instant gratification!

Step 2. Find two simple glass bottles, whether they be vintage or new, and fill one with dish soap and one with liquid hand soap. I like Dawn with Bleach because of its pretty neutral color. Bright blue soap doesn't match everyone's color scheme :) My sister-in-law discovered that adding a little water to the soap makes it flow easier.

Step 3. Pick up a hardy plant (less work for you!) and a pot you'll enjoy seeing everyday. Terracotta pots, like the one pictured here, are not only inexpensive but colorful too.

Step 4. Add a natural sponge and soap dish to hold the sponge.

Voila! You have an entirely new look in your kitchen! What I love about this project (besides how easy it is) is that anyone can create a new look despite the design of their kitchen. It doesn't matter if your kitchen is new or old; or whether you have Formica or Carrara marble. You can still acquire a pretty look with just a few additions and a few relocations :) It's amazing how a simple plant, set of bottles, and big, squishy sponge can dress up an often-utilitarian space so nicely. I love it.


Sponge: Nordstrom Rack; however, you can find something similar at other bath supply stores or even art supply stores.

Dish: TJMaxx/Homegoods

Glass Bottles: Cost Plus World Market; not near one? Check out this post for more online options.


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