Eliza Magazine

• 10 March 2009

I recently picked up the latest issue of Eliza at a local boutique...curiosity was killing me. What was all the hype about? What I found was a unique, colorful, tasteful, and insightful little magazine. I enjoyed the creative fashion spreads, the comprehensive study on concealer (sadly, at 32 I still need this!), and the short story about marriage. Also appreciated was the lack of ads on every.single.page.

If you too want to see for yourself, click here to find a list of stores in your area that offer Eliza.

p.s. click here to receive free digital copies of the magazine each month...how cool is that?


.caroline armelle. said...

i love eliza! great style!
my jewelry was featured in one of their first issues too! which was cool!

Cher said...

What a coincidence! The girl who started the magazine is a cousin of a friend of mine- she is coming to talk to the young women of our church next week! I'd love to get a subscription, it would actually be a magazine I could leave out on the coffee table and not worry about the kids seeing something inappropriate!

Petit Elefant said...

It's darling isn't it?

paula said...

how stunning are these photos. I must check it out.

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