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Felt Easter Baskets

• 09 March 2009

Target never, ever disappoints. Look what I found the other day...these adorable felt Easter baskets shaped like tulips...for a mere $8 a piece! Given how cute they are they are bound to fly off the shelves fast so if decide you want to purchase them, I'd call ahead first and place them on hold. There is nothing worse then making the effort to go someplace only to be disappointed. For your reference, the official Target tag indicates the following title: "Felt Tulip Basket".

Good Luck!

p.s. I cleaned out the South Towne location...


  1. I have to say Target is the best! <3 that place!

  2. Too cute...I am now regretting purchasing my daughter's basket from Pottery Barn Kids. I am in desperate need for ideas for filling a 15m old's Easter I am really excited to see what kind of ideas you have. Great find!

  3. I'm sensing a trip to Target today! I second Lauren's request for fun Easter basket gift ideas.

  4. I saw these in person today, they're so fun. Too bad I'm not six and/or have any children!

    I love Easter!

  5. Oh we are way down in Southern Florida at the moment...not too close to you ; )!

  6. These are so cute...I went and bought one for each of my three girls a couple days ago. I also found a great camoflauge one for Ben, which was nice. It's hard to find "non-girly" Easter baskets sometimes. Love Target!


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