stephmodo: New Forever 21 Location in Utah

New Forever 21 Location in Utah

• 11 March 2009

I swore off Forever 21 awhile back (there's something about turning 30...), but I'm recently a fan again after discovering a new location at Sandy's South Towne Center. Even though it's a bit of a schlep for me, it's worth the trip if in need of an inexpensive pair of jeans or t-shirt. Why you ask? I can easily maneuver my double stroller through it's aisles (although let's be honest...the ideal situation is to NOT have a stroller in tow!) due to the fact it took over the roomy Mervyns space. Gone is all the claustrophobia you typically experience at a typical Forever 21 retail store. In addition, it's incredibly well-merchandised and you can see most of the clothing displayed.

Despite the large space, the prices are still {thankfully} the same (low, low, low) and I snatched up a few belts for a mere $3.80 each. Cha-ching.


  1. niiice. i hate the one in gateway especially since there are stairs in the store so it's pretty much the most annoying thing ever to have a stroller! it's still a great place to find a couple trendy tops for the season.

  2. nice to know! i also can't stand the gateway one because of the stairs. it drives me insane when i have my stroller in tow.

    sometimes i just shop online to avoid that, plus they usually have more in stock!

  3. I can't imagine the Gateway one with a stroller! You're brave.


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