stephmodo: Scallops in Parchment

Scallops in Parchment

• 11 March 2009

I love just about any dish containing white beans and this delicious appetizer is no exception. In fact, with the addition of a salad and an artisan sourdough bread, it would make a nice, light supper too. It's incredibly delicious.

A few notes:

1. You may substitute aluminum foil for parchment when in a pinch. It'll lack presentation but it will serve the same purpose.

2. I sear my scallops before placing them inside the packet. It creates depth and makes it better all around in my opinion. I also think people are more likely to try scallops if they are seared.


  1. This recipe looks great. I love Real Simple and will have to try this soon. I just wish my husband would eat sallops!

  2. Love the simple elegance of this dish - can't wait to try it! Thanks for the post.

  3. I actually just bought frozen scallops at Trader Joes in an attempt to mix it up and try something other than chicken for dinner. This looks like a great method to cook them, thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Love the simplicity of this too. I wish I liked scallops. Would another seafood substitute? Maybe I'll try with fish.


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