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"the" Talk

• 12 March 2009

This post strays from my usual (food, fashion, pretty things, interiors, deals, travel, etc.), but after a conversation with a friend the other day I felt inclined to share a few thoughts about this serious subject.

I think most parents dread having "the talk" with their child--and not just because it can be a little awkward--but because you never thought you'd have this type of conversation with such a little person (you think you have until age 12 but these days it's more like age 8). In an time where three quarters of a million teenage girls become pregnant in a year, it's truly an unavoidable chat. Here are a few places to start...

* I like this article because it deals with other tough issues as well, like drugs & handling money.

* I've always been impressed with this couple's parenting advice and I also appreciate their approach too.

* This article in the NY Times shares some appropriate conversation starters that you may not think of on your own.

Good Luck :)

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  1. +1 on the recommendation of the Eyres. Their book, "How To Talk To Your Children About Sex" is a great guide with age-appropriate approaches, starting w/ basics (like learning to appreciate the amazing nature of our bodies) at preschool age. Lots of good advice for open and honest discussions all the way through the teenage years. Hopefully we can help our kids feel comfortable enough with this topic to turn to US with their questions.

  2. thanks stephanie. yes, unfortunately this topic of conversation is starting at a really young age. scary. thanks for the articles.

  3. Thank you so much. I am starting to get questions and want to make sure my daughter keeps coming to me for the answers. She asked me a tough one the other day...

  4. Thanks so much Stephanie! I have just put a hold on their book, "The book of nurturing : nine natural laws for enriching your family life"

  5. a really great (ans durprisingly old) set of books are the "What's Happening to Me" and "Where Did I Come From" books by Peter Mayle. They have excellent (non-threatening, non-sexual) illustrations, and are straight forward about things in a way parent's are often scared to be. They really make the issue less scary for the parent, and more approachable for the kids. I think they are appropriate enough for whatever age your child begins asking the questions (my daughter is only 21 months, so not yet!)

  6. my oldest is 8 1/2.... i REALLY need to read these articles. Thank you! BTW... I made the frozen key lime pie and it was fabulous, it has made it to my top 10 too. :)

  7. I remember the Eyres. When I was a young mom they were the ones who focused a lot on "TCR", or Teaching Children Responsibility. They are the ones I got the "Gunny Sack" idea from. They always seemed to be so logical and sound in their ideas.

  8. So timely. Told my husband that it was indeed time after my 9 soon to be 10 asked "how does one become pregnant?" We have been avoiding 'the talk' because our son is spacey and we live in a bit of a bubble. But thanks to your post, I have the arsenal necessary for opening the wide and spacious world to my son. P.S. New to your blog and loving it! Great stuff...

  9. this is a good narrative blog post about one woman's talk with her daughter. i'm thinking the same thoughts as everyone else, the time is coming. we gotta buckle down and do the talk!


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