stephmodo: French-Inspired Picnic

French-Inspired Picnic

• 24 June 2009

When I flew out to help the Husband with the renovations this month, we stopped by a store a friend recommended for home furnishings. It turns out the store is quite fantastic, especially when it comes to housewares. Although many temptations presented themselves, the wooden utensils were definitely my favorite. I bought two packages and mentally started planning a French-inspired picnic with some of my girlfriends. It sounds like a simple, summer-y way to celebrate the opportunity to share a meal outside.

1. Wood Utensils
2. Glass Milk Container
3. Striped Tea Towels


  1. love those tea towels! white and blue is so my thing.

  2. oh, it's so beautiful. I love blue and white. Very nice!

  3. Lovely, I wish I was being whisked away to Paris right this minute!


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