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When Google Leads You Astray...

• 24 June 2009

Today we ended up here as we attempted to find our motel in Western Massachusetts. Every now and again we find ourselves in a comical situation as we utilize {the usually accurate} Google Maps. Once we hit the dirt road we knew a phone call to the motel was in order :) Since it's not often you find yourself in such lovely surroundings, I couldn't help but get out of the car and take a photograph. Aahhh...I love New England.

P.S. I'll be posting pictures from my youngest sister's wedding next week...the wedding takes place tomorrow!


  1. Can't wait to see the wedding pics...I can hardly believe she is getting married! All my best to the newlyweds, Lisa

  2. What a beautiful spot; sometimes a 'wrong turn' turns into opportunity.
    I love New England too. One day I hope to live there! Have a great time at the wedding, and take some nice photos for us, we're dying to see them!

  3. Oh my, you guys are so close, I wish we could come up and see you. And congrats to your sister. I feel super out of touch that I did not even know she was getting married!

  4. Ah Google Maps - they always get me lost!!!

  5. I'm hoping it doesn't rain on the wedding! The weather here in Boston has been so crazy this week. Good luck!

  6. Aren't you in France?? I love wedding pictures - can't wait to see them!

  7. I had the same thing happen to me last week when I was in Maryland on my way to Massachutes using Google Maps. It told me to turn on a road that would take me to another road leading to the Turnpike. Nope we ended up in another small town and had to turn around. I think I still like mapquest better. I am trying to convince my husband to get a navigation system. BTW, I am so jealous of your french house. How lucky!!!!!!!!!

  8. Same story with us. Used Google Maps for a 2 hour trip to the Boston temple and got there six hours later once we finally figured things out. Thank goodness we finally had cell phones!

    For anyone wishing to be (here) in New England, are you nuts? Oh I miss the west coast!


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