More Kitchen Improvements

• 25 June 2009

When we first viewed La Maisonnette du Coteau with an agent last August, we noted the obvious lack of "staging". Meaning, unlike many homes on the market in America, this home was not presented as a clean, uncluttered, ready-to-move-in kind of home. In fact, the owner's last read was still open on the kitchen table, there wasn't a made bed in sight, and the kitchen lacked any appeal. Although we were surprised by the lack of effort put into presentation, we were able to overlook the temporary imperfections and see beyond what our eyes saw at the moment. I'm thankful for the vision and how it's coming to fruition. Gone are the tchotchkes, the dated lights, the old, dingy kitchen and the soiled stone. Hello clean walls, new kitchen, and new lights (and lots of them!). We can't wait to see how it all comes together over the next 5 weeks as we conclude the project.

The first image shows what a portion of the main level looked like when we purchased the home. The arched doorway lead into a galley kitchen. The second image shows this same area after a major kitchen demolition (have you ever seen a countertop made of concrete, rebar and tile?) and sandblasting (both stone and beams). The wires you see in the image are new electrical wires they run between stones after taking out all the old mortar with a handheld tool. After running the wires they cover them up with a fresh batch of mortar for a clean finish. Seeing the great differences between the two images reminds me how gratifying and rewarding a renovation can be. I'm sure those of you who completed your own renovations will agree, right? Please tell me this is so :)


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