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La Maisonnette Update: Scott's Wall

• 16 June 2009

You saw Scott jackhammering this wall here, and the almost-finished product there too. Let it be known that it looks quite easy on the video but in reality it actually took Scott over 5 hours to complete. Jackhammering over here is no small feat as the tools aren't exactly updated. Now that the mason filled in the gaps with new mortar, the wall is entirely completed. We are so happy with the way this wall looks and grateful to have found a willing and able friend, as well as a reliable and talented mason who is willing to put in more than the 35 hours mandated by the French government, because he understands that time is of the essence for us.

We actually hired this mason to redo the old stone walls that were already exposed as well, so the walls throughout the home matched perfectly (the aged mortar looks just that...aged and didn't match the new stuff going in). It took some extra time but we are focused on doing this once and doing this right. Now that all the walls are completed (as of just two days ago), the stone looks spectacular. Dry wall is just about completed, the roof fixed, the kitchen is slowly being installed, and we starting to feel like it actually might get done in 5 weeks :) Crossing our fingers...

More updates tomorrow!


  1. So beautiful! Are you taking reservations yet :)

  2. love the wall. why is "time of the essence?" i guess i was under the same impression as someone else that you were going to update it little by little. i think the route you're going, for whatever reason, is a good one. you get to enjoy it the way you want it earlier. good luck getting everthing else done in the next few weeks!!!

  3. the wall looks great. i cannot wait to see this place all fixed up!

  4. a truly interesting posting- you are following a dream but and handling the un-dreamy tasks at hand beautifully. (continents do mean distance) Thank you for sharing such personal experiences. Until one has lived in another's shoes it's very difficult to convey the dimensions that shape a dream. Steady, Eddie! This is something very special and worth the work. (both your daughter and her sweet personal crafting style are charming!)


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