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Self Soothing

• 22 June 2009

To make myself feel better about all the junk that hangs about during a massive renovation, I took some pretty pictures of the house...

...and the amazing views from the house...

...and my little girl heading down the path to introduce me to a new friend she made...a little dog that hangs out at the local art gallery :)

To read more about the story behind La Maisonnette du Coteau and how this whole project came about click here.


  1. Did I understand it right that you wil renovate this beautiful cottage and then rent it out as a vacation home? If yes....I can hardly wait til it's done and my husband and I can come stay there! Wow, it's so beautiful, and the surroundings are simply magical; remind me of the movie Chocolat, but friendlier :)
    As is said in german, "Gutes Gelingen!" All the best for the rest of the renovations.

  2. Country Girl: you are exactly right on both accounts...

    1. yes we will be renting it out on a weekly basis (in France rentals are Saturday to Saturday)

    2. and yes, it reminds you of Chocolat b/c it was filmed there!!! All the river scenes and the opening scene of mother and daughter in their red capes walking up a path in the snow were filmed in Beynac.

  3. Gorgeous...and so thrilling that you are going to be renting it out. My husband and I did a self-guided walking tour of France along a pilgramage trail a few years ago...we walked right through villages just like yours. I think it's so wonderful that your daughter got to/is spending a month there with her dad. What an amazing experience to have. We hope to bring our daughter back to France with us when she's a bit older (10 months now) - perhaps we will rent your cute cottage!

  4. hi stephanie! i just found you via black eiffel. what an amazing project your are about to undertake. i also happen to run the "sneak peek" home tour column on design*sponge. please keep us in mind as you move forward on your project :)

    best wishes!

    p.s. i myself am moving to paris this fall :)

  5. This house is AMAZING! What dreams are made of!

  6. I discovered your blog today and I absolutely love love LOVE it and what you're doing. All the best as I wait for your next posting

  7. i found your blog a few days ago. i think it must be serendipity.

    my husband and i visited the chateau some 11 years ago. at this same time of year. a flood of memories came back.

    i've linked to your site in my latest post. i hope it's okay. good luck and have fun. i'm looking forward to living this dream vicariously.


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