stephmodo: The Un-glamorous Side of a Renovation in France

The Un-glamorous Side of a Renovation in France

• 22 June 2009

I realize that the idea of renovating a French cottage sounds very glamorous...but when you are in the midst of a full renovation (as in we gutted the place) it doesn't feel very "ooh la la". I know the end result will be lovely, comfortable, and quite unique, but after taking the above pictures, it doesn't feel very glamorous at all :)

What you see in image 2 here are some sheet rocking leftovers and mostly supplies used by the mason as he takes out all the old mortar (by hand mind you) and then reapplies a new batch. I can't wait to get a great snapshot of the newly enhanced stone walls. Oh he did such a great job! The first image is a reflection of my labors during the week. I cleared out the clutter stored in the back of the house and took out a weed patch/rose garden in lieu of a patch of grass. I'm hoping that when we return in a week to wrap things up I see little sprouts of green. Fingers crossed...

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  1. "sigh" So when you return in a week... I just want to follow you & Rachel around to see what you do! Want an "official photographer" - LOL! I just have this feeling it's just going to be so interesting and fascinating -- even if it really is a lot of work! :-)

  2. You're right. The sucky part about renovating is well renovating. Ha! Having done it, albeit in a less glamorous location like DC, I enjoyed the planning stage and the buying stage but the doing stage not so much. The film of dust and debris, the missed schedules the passing of large sum checks from your bank account to another. Makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it. BUT the end result well worth it :)


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