The Un-glamorous Side of a Renovation in France

• 22 June 2009

I realize that the idea of renovating a French cottage sounds very glamorous...but when you are in the midst of a full renovation (as in we gutted the place) it doesn't feel very "ooh la la". I know the end result will be lovely, comfortable, and quite unique, but after taking the above pictures, it doesn't feel very glamorous at all :)

What you see in image 2 here are some sheet rocking leftovers and mostly supplies used by the mason as he takes out all the old mortar (by hand mind you) and then reapplies a new batch. I can't wait to get a great snapshot of the newly enhanced stone walls. Oh he did such a great job! The first image is a reflection of my labors during the week. I cleared out the clutter stored in the back of the house and took out a weed patch/rose garden in lieu of a patch of grass. I'm hoping that when we return in a week to wrap things up I see little sprouts of green. Fingers crossed...

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