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Best Macaroon in Paris

• 21 July 2009

I know there is much debate about which patissier makes the best macaroon in Paris, but after sampling many a colorful delight, I’d have to say Gerard Mulot comes in first in my book. He had me at “Fraise Coquelicot” (strawberry poppy).

What’s your favorite?


  1. for me, Arnaud Delmontel makes the best.

  2. I never branched out too far from my home when I lived there, so my favorite was the macarons I bought at the boulangerie/patisserie on the corner of my street - A La Flûte Enchantée‎. I never tried the ones that were 4 inches in diameter with fresh raspberries adorning the sides, but next time. It didn't hurt that it was located next door to au nom de la rose, and the smell of roses mixed with fresh baguettes and macarons. Love it.

  3. First comment here as I am usually a silent reader but today's topic is a very sensible one in our household. We loooove macaroons and have tried a lot.
    For me, the fav is "liquorice" from Ladurée, for the dad it was avocado, banana and chocolate at Pierre Hermé a few yeard ago, and for the little one it is raspberry from our patisserie on boulevard Saint Germain.

  4. Aren't those "macarons"? Macaroons are the coconut haystacks dipped in chocolate, whereas macaron are almond based.

  5. I just found your blog through your tutorial for making photos bigger in blogspot! (Thank you!!!) Lovely! My favorite macarons in Paris are Pierre Herme. The flavors are so innovative, and yet they work!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Sorry about that "comment has been deleted my the author" It looks so rude of me, but I don't want you going to my very boring out of date blog.
    Anyway, this is what I originally wrote:
    What is the filling like in those? I always make mine with a butter cream I developed on my own, which is a thinnish butter/powdered sugar/jam or lemon curd frosting that I fold into whipped cream. It's really good, but the other day I tried a macaron from a Colorado bakery that was much more homey and less refined. It was made from ground almonds that had never had their skins removed, so they were these brownish speckled things. None of them were uniform in size, and they were very dense. For the filling, they used straight butter. But you know what? They were delicious anyway.
    You know what? I think macarons are just about the best invention in the world. Is it possible to pick a favorite? I think I would go for an assortment, in a pink box, tied with a brown ribbon.

  8. Come On



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