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Comptoir des Cotonniers

• 21 July 2009

I am a huge fan of the ready-to-wear label Comptoir des Cotonniers, discovered just under a year ago here in France. It ties in so nicely all the elements I love to wear and I find myself gravitating towards its shop windows whenever I pass by. Thank heavens it's July (one of the two months of government-mandated sales here in France) and I can actually do more than window shop. I waited a few weeks until they slashed prices for the second time and then went in for the kill :) I highly recommend planning trips to France around these sales (typically in January + July) to curb the awful exchange rate. It's nice to feel like you can buy one thing before heading home!

P.S. I tried on those shoes (on super sale too) and while they were fabulous in every way, they killed my feet in just under one minute. So incredibly sad. I wish Aerosoles + Comptoir des Cotonniers hooked up for a season.


  1. i ADORE Comptoir. My sister-in-law and I regularly empty out their Nice shop. They are the perfect mix of chic, wearable, affordable and unique.
    Us readers need to know more about your daily life in your new French town! I just watched 'A Good Year' with R. Crow last night and thought of your blog. Oh, sorry to ramble but one more question, I loved your posts on your daughter attending school in France but I was wondering if she had any problems integrating or adjusting or if it was all smiles and good times?

  2. Sorry I posted with wrong identity! It's still me from the above question... but this is my real blogs name:-)

  3. When I lived in Paris, this was my go-to store. I basically wore something from there every day. It was also one of the stores I hit when I went back this summer. :)

  4. That last comment was me. Hit the wrong button!

  5. No major problems really, "Sweet Life with Olives"...she was only there for one month. I think young kids are more resilient than we give them credit for! If she were 14, well, it would be a different story I'm sure.


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