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Fire Engine Red

• 15 July 2009

I spotted these a few days ago and can’t get them off my mind. There’s got to be a supplier in the US…does anyone know where one can find something like this?


  1. I'll ask my dad. I have not seen a Ford tractor like that one, but my dad and sister both have purchased ones similar that were John Deere. I believe they got them at a John Deere dealership. They hold up great. My nephew has a trailer to go with his and he hauls all sorts of stuff with it. My sister said that he even used it to move a big pile of dirt from a neighbors yard to their yard (the moving of said dirt had already been discussed and agreed upon by the parents).
    As for the car, my dad has a couple of those as well. One is a tow truck and the other is a bright yellow car. I do not know where those were purchased. I can ask.
    So, the answer is YES, there are distributors in the US.

  2. Not unsurprisingly, I saw these last week at the gift shop at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI (a *wonderful* place for kids, and fascinating for adults too). Perhaps you could call and check with them... Adorable!

  3. I have ordered a few things from this company in the past and they carry both the tractor and fire engine:

  4. I've seen them around here for sale so I know they are available. They are SO cute too!

    { Lindsey }

  5. Here's a link to the Ford Pedal Tractor:

    Here's a Firefighter Comet Pedal Car:

  6. How large are these? Its hard to tell. Could a child ride in them or are they more like a model truck?
    They are gorgeous.

  7. The pedal tractors are available at most farm stores. Check the SLC IFA (Intermtn Farmers Assoc)

    Salt Lake City 1147 W 2100 S
    801) 972-3009

  8. My son has the tractor, it's very heavy as it's made of metal. it's a beautiful toy, but sad to say, not very practical. Still, it's a keeper, I'd like to think my grandkids will play with it one day. It was bought in Canada at


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