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High on a Mountaintop

• 14 July 2009

As I drive around the region trying to find the right “this” and the right “that”, I am further convinced we chose the right village to offer an enclave for vacationers (according to the Rick Steves France guide, he agrees with me too). On Monday we walked around the tiny market here in Beynac and I couldn’t help but stop and take in the picturesque surroundings. Pinch me.

Let me give you some bearings to give you a better feel for the town:

Image 1: See the church in the top left? The one with the cross? That’s the very church you see in image 2.

Image 2: I think I’ll entitle this one, “don’t get too close to the edge”…

Image 3: Okay, so head back to image 1…see the tower in the top left corner? That is the tower you see out of the second story of La Maisonette du Coteau, here in Image 3.


  1. What a lovely view!

    Just curious - how much property does your house sit on?

  2. So can just anyone rent your beautiful "little" villa in France? My husband and I will be in Paris next spring and were planning on hopping over to the Lake District but after seeing these pics, why not stay in France? Do you have prices per week worked out? When will you start taking reservations? How long of a drive from Paris? (so many questions... sorry!)

  3. Can't wait 'til it's available!!


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