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Current Status

• 14 July 2009

On the day I took this picture, this is what the current status of the renovation looked like:

1. Sheet rock completed throughout the cottage
2. Hardwood floor refinisher secured…starts Friday!
3. Bathroom on 2nd level painted in Restoration Hardware’s Butter Cream + Right White
4. Grass is bloomin’ out back and ain’t it pretty
5. Kitchen almost completed…plumbing goes in next week

We are so close, yet so far away still…sigh.


  1. What a lovely photo...I absolutely love reading about this project! I spent a week walking in the Averyon region of France two years ago and look forward to returning there one day...for now, thank you so much for taking your readers along with you!

    I'm wondering how you got restoration hardware paint in france? Do they have stores there? Or did you somehow transport it?

  2. I'm so excited to find your blog! When we lived in Paris, it was one of our dreams to find a little place in the country - nothing on the scale of what you are doing but still, I really look forward to following your progress and living vicariously! :)

  3. Oh, stephmodo, I'm a huge fan. Merci for taking me to France with you each time I read your blog.

  4. That is so beautiful. What a fun experience for your family. I am sure you will have lots of visitors when it is done.

  5. Thanks for all the details! We love them! :)

  6. Restoration Hardware Buttercream yellow is my favorite color.

  7. I am truly enjoying this journey through your words and photos. Dreaming of seeing it in person!

  8. I totally agree with Jaren. All of these fun, exciting details are wonderful! Thank you for sharing. And really, you've come so far! It's looking and sounding great.

  9. Stephanie, this has been such an amazing adventure to watch, thank you for sharing all the details and capturing the spirit of France so may have mentioned but I have missed it, what background do you and your husband have with French you're clearly fluent and he is as well? Have you both lived over there previously or what called you to learn the language and make this a second home?

    Also, so curious, are you going to be renting out your home to vacationers once its complete? If so, where do I sign up!? Serious.

    Kelly (we met at the Kirtsy meet up in SLC last Nov)

  10. woohoo! it's coming along.... J :)

  11. Can't wait to see the finished home, it sounds so lovely.

  12. Christy, we bring our RH swatches and have the paint stores match the color here. Although we wanted to bring our own paint over (American paint is better quality than French paint apparently) but alas the customs issue obviously presented itself. It looks great though!

  13. Hi Kelly, it's great to see your name pop up again! It's been awhile...anyway, I must tell you that I am not fluent :( I wish I were as relationships are not formed on "bonjour" and "au revoir" and "merci" so here I am in France with no friends :) My husband, however, is fluent, which makes this whole project possible. It wouldn't work out otherwise.

    We are definitely renting out La Maisonnette and will be on VRBO shortly. I'll let you know, via a blog post, when it's up and running. Thanks for the note!



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