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Moving In to La Maisonnette

• 30 July 2009

On Saturday we moved into La Maisonnette. This is what it looked like. A few weeks ago one of you mentioned "blood, sweat & tears" as being part of a renovation. Now I understand exactly what you mean. I cried on the tile floors that afternoon. It's one thing to be an adult and move into a mess like this--but it's another to move in 3 little kids. For the first time in almost one year, we expressed regret at undertaking a project of such magnitude. We know things will work's just that we're at a difficult {and critical} stage in the renovation right now.

Right now a lot of things are happening at the cottage:

1. a portion of the stairs are being rebuilt
2. a custom window is being installed--the Husband uncovered the petite fenetre when jack hammering a wall up top. A fun find to be sure!
3. hardwood floors refinished.
4. beds ordered (in the meantime we sleep on mattresses on the floor
5. gardener trimmed up the grass and a few trees, which give me additional light in the kitchen
6. kitchen installed
7. shattered antique tiles replaced

Still to do:

1. install lighting already chosen; finish up ordering additional lighting
2. find couch, kitchen chairs, rugs, armoire
3. paint and install trim in bathroom
4. sand and stain beams
5. clean up antique furniture
6. refinish antique tile floors
7. add last coat of paint to most of the house
8. install upper bathroom
9. bathroom mirror, mini storage
10. clean, clean and more cleaning
11. all those last-minute projects that always creep up
12. regain sanity :)

p.s. thanks so much for all the tips guys are just what the doctor ordered!


  1. So overwhelming! I'm so impressed with you. Even if you experience some regret, once it's all finished you are going to LOVE it. What an amazing thing for your family to do together!

  2. Did you sit down and make a list of everything that you wanted to do when you began the project? That seems like part of the challenge - envisioning what you want, then knowing which specific steps will get you there. The place really is amazing. Wonderful.

  3. Sometimes a good cry can get us back on track. Look at how far you guys have come. It is amazing!

  4. hang in there! It will be amazing when it is finished, and the blood, sweat and tears will make it that much more treasured in the long run. In SLC now, and sad to be missing you!

  5. I married an architect/artist/lover of all things his we have been through 8 renovations in 12 years! I would love to tell you it gets easier, but, well, it doesn't. However, the moment the last bit of drywall dust is vacuumed away, and the furniture is in place...a glass of celebration champagne toasting to another great place makes it all worthwhile!

  6. So this isn't exactly what you imagined when you decided to take the family to France for the summer... It's still an amazing adventure! And you will ALL be stronger for it.

  7. Looks like a dream from this distance even with all the work yet to be done. :)

    Good luck.

  8. I know it's probably just a little temporary comfort, but please know the people who are following your journey are thrilled to see things coming along. Almost there....xoxo

  9. oh my word --- it sounds like you've made amazing progress... just remember to breathe...

  10. we too just finished renovating a house from 1934. it was probably the first remodel since it was built...but probably not as much work as you all have to do! it can be really hard, though. we had many meltdowns during our renovation as well! hang in there!


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