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• 20 July 2009

I recently shared some of my own images from my youngest sister's wedding last month, but I couldn't help sharing a few more taken by the professional photographer of the day, Courtney Brooke Hall. They are stunning photographs and definitely add to the magical nature of the event.


  1. Wow she is so beautiful. These photos look ethereal

  2. so so pretty. what a lovely talent, and a pretty sister. :)

  3. wow! channeling evelyn nesbit (the inspiration for anne of green gables):

  4. Wow, lovely photos. They look straight out of a magazine!

    { Lindsey }

  5. so lovely!!

    your sister is gorgeous.

  6. Did your sister have her dress made? It's sooo beautiful and simple and fabulous!

  7. Dayle-- I tried going the handmade route, but then frantically had to purchase a dress a few weeks before the wedding when that didn't work out. The dress I ended up wearing is from the J.Crew wedding collection, found on Ebay. I left the sash that it came with at home, and wore an antique belt that I found on Etsy.

  8. the pictures are amazing!
    where did your sister get all the headpieces she wore?
    they're beautiful.

  9. Courtney was kind enough to bring the 1930's tiara with her, and she stopped at a flower shop on the way to pick up the mums. She tied the mums with a ribbon in some shots, and then clipped a medallion necklace around my head for the others.

  10. These are absolutley fantastic. So authenically vintage. Wow! Like Henri Lartigue.

  11. Dear Goddess!

    The pictures do you, your personality and your beauty great justice. I am glad to find pictures of the wedding event and will look for the prior postings now.

    Please come visit OREGON with your "The Husband".

    Cousin Dave


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