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a Wedding in the Woods

• 06 July 2009

Last week we attended my youngest sister’s beautiful wedding to long-time boyfriend Max. She planned her own wedding {budget style}, and created most of the simple decorations herself—including the lovely wedding invitations. I loved seeing it all come together and was particularly impressed with all the little details my sister Kristen attended to--she really made it special and unique to them as a couple. I am positive I will never attend anything remotely similar in my lifetime. The Husband and I thought it refreshingly simple.

The wedding was located in Western Massachusetts, just outside the Berkshires, in the D.A.R. State Forest. They walked down a path in the woods while a trio played the Beatles’ “Sun King” on guitar (our parents raised us on the good stuff). A close friend of wed the couple in a gazebo located next to a picturesque pond before the wedding party moved to another location to continue the celebration.

Each guest brought his/her own picnic lunch before enjoying a large buffet of homemade cookies & cupcakes, lemonade and farm fresh strawberries. Kristen admires the Art Nouveau movement and put forth great efforts to incorporate some of those elements into her wedding. I think the collaboration turned out beautifully. When the reception began she started playing her thoughtfully orchestrated 5-hour playlist and by the time we packed up the last car the final song played (Kris, I totally want copies!). Things couldn’t have turned out more perfectly!

1. Walking to the grove where the wedding took place
2. One of the many banners she made herself
3. Trail markers for wedding guests

1. Let's get this party started
2. Luscious strawberries
3. Guests enjoying their picnic lunches; one of Kristen's Art Nouveau additions

1. Centerpieces
2. Wedding favors

1. Warming up
2. The waiting game (J.Crew dress, antique belt from Etsy)
3. Her handmade bouquet of feathers and such

1. Antique-looking photograph of the couple framed in bark
2. Beautiful wreath, banner & the overall look here
3. The greatest temptation at the cookie/cupcake bar

1. The Husband :)
2. Place "cards" for each guest

1. My other sister and I
2. Serene waters

1. A silk banner Kristen made herself
2. A lively game of horseshoes after the wedding


  1. How creative and what a fun idea. You all look beautiful.

  2. this might be the most beautiful wedding i've ever romantic, creative and meaningful.

  3. This is the way to go! Your sister's wedding reminds me of mine -- except I wish we could have held ours outside (unfortunately November weather disagrees). Your sister's DIY wedding looks so charmingly romantic! :-)

  4. So creative!! I love the centerpieces, name cards, and favors.

  5. really inspiring. you have such a talented family!

  6. Looks like it was a lovely affair :)

  7. I. love. this. wedding! What a beautiful family!

  8. Very creative - I can't decide which little aspect I like the most.

  9. how did you get permission to do the wedding in the park? I am the mother of the bride and she wants a wedding in the woods, but I worry about all the how to's, help!

  10. Hi Anonymous,
    It's fairly easy to arrange to have your wedding in a park, although the regulations and rules vary from place to place. I researched which parks I might be interested in, and just called all of them up. I asked them about fees, parking, rules regarding the number of guests, available restroom facilities, etc. In the case of the park we were married in, we just had to pay $50 to reserve the pavilion, and arrange for us to cover parking of our guests. Pretty amazing! (Our setting was very rustic, though, I changed into my dress in a public restroom that wasn't the cleanest I've seen.) The more places you call and visit, the better idea you'll have of what to look for. Good luck!

  11. Hi, we want to do the same type of thing for our wedding. I was wondering how you might arrange a wedding in a state park and if thiers was private to the wedding guests separate from the park visitors?


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