stephmodo: Ripping up the Bathroom Floor

Ripping up the Bathroom Floor

• 06 July 2009

A short video of the Husband ripping up the nasty flooring in the second floor bathroom. We are going to allow the hardwood floors to shine :) Can't wait to see them. Also going up is new sheet rock so it's clean, clean, clean. It will be so pretty when it's done...


  1. Hi. I'm a fellow francophone (non-native) and am therefore super jealous of your amazing little maisonette and everything associated with it. :) I love watching the progress you're making on the renovation. It looks ... fantastique! Question, though: Does your husband love this sort of thing, or does he just love YOU enough to do it all? It looks like a ton of work. Good job, hubby! ;)

  2. AHH, nice time lapse!

    bec - Having worked on the place with this guy, I can assure you that he loves this sort of thing. Oh, and loves Steph enough as well.

  3. WOW!
    He's fast!
    Can I hire him? I will pay him per minute :)

  4. B. you're an animal. Very impressive. We miss you guys!! Thanks for keeping us posted on all things renovation.


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