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Christmas in July

• 06 July 2009

When it became apparent that more work needed to be done at La Maisonnette before it was ready for vacationers, we were faced with two options:

1. Send out the Husband again for a month and be apart as a family

2. Call it Christmas and send out the entire family

After much discussion amongst ourselves we decided to present the situation to our two oldest children and see what they had to say. We explained that we couldn’t afford to provide both Christmas presents and 5 airline tickets to France and then asked them if option 1 or 2 sounded best to them. Since E. recently returned home from being away an entire month she knew first hand how it would be to remain apart even longer...I held my breath. After as much mature thought as a 7-year-old could muster, she chose #2…but wanted to make sure she’d still receive presents from her grandparents ☺ My son wanted to do whatever his sister wanted to do so that made the decision unanimous!

So here we are…together as a family. This is really how it should always be—being apart is so taxing on a family unit and unless wholly necessary, I wouldn’t recommend it. Eating together tonight was such a joy and I am so grateful option 2 played out so nicely. There is nothing better than creating memories when all family members are present. Wouldn’t you say those are the best kind? Now I’m crossing my fingers again…but this time I am hoping they each remember something from this amazing experience. I know it will be a boon to them when they are older and {hopefully} wiser.


  1. I wholly agree with you! My husband has been on a military deployment for 6 months and it certainly is taxing on our family unit. I love your updates on your little French cottage, especially since we're only hours away in Germany. I hope you will end up renting it out for weekends!

  2. Honestly, I think the whole Christmas thing has gotten out of hand. Yesterday, I was sitting in our basement surrounded by mounds of toys that my children rarely play with except when we have guest over, so I am asking myself do I really need to get them anything for Christmas. Wouldn't it be better to make memories that will last a life time. Glad your children choose to go to France.

  3. I too think #2 was a great choice! One year we took all three of our kids to Guatemala, and boy was it an adventure that we'll never forget. So much more memorable than a pile of toys!

  4. Wonderful idea and plan #2! I love your way of thinking out of the box. My husband has a favorite saying: staying flexible around a central idea. You did this and made what could be major complications, great fun...and kept your family together. (being a part is no fun!) Plan #2 rocks! I hope you enjoy your Christmas in July en france! bien fait!

  5. I think that sounds like a wonderful idea. My boyfriend is in France for a month and I can't leave my job to be with him. How I would do anything to be in France.

  6. I'm so happy for you, Steph. It must be so wonderful for all of you to be together, and I'm happy that E. had the maturity to choose that. We could all do without Christmas presents, anyway.


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