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Now this is Cute

• 31 July 2009

One morning, when racing off towards La Maisonnette to meet a contractor, I decided this cute li'l thing was worth stopping for...I was glad to have my camera handy that morning. Have you ever seen a cuter car? I am certain I have not. Talk about making me smile!

p.s. thank you so very much for your words of've buoyed me up tremendously!


  1. Kathleen BourgeoisJuly 31, 2009 at 6:56 AM

    Hi Stephanie,
    I love this post...what wonderful, cheerful pictures! I just came across your blog yesterday by way of and I'm so glad I found your blog!

  2. my little one would exclaim: it's herbie! it's polka dot herbie!

  3. that IS cute!

    Renovating blows, but when it's over it seems like it wasn't that hard and you want to do it again. Try to imagine yourself looking back fondly!! Good luck!

  4. I bet they used it to follow the king of the mountain jersey in the tour. Now they're left with a lovely souvenir!

    Did you get to watch any of the bike race?

  5. Man, I would LOVE to know who drives this...I imagine a modern-day Holly Golitely with big sunglasses and a cute hat. Maybe you'll meet her one day!

  6. Looks like they followed the Tour...E has a bike jersey that looks just like it! Thanks for letting us follow along with your home renovation~it looks great!

  7. oh ... pitter patter goes my little heart for this little car ... just the sweetest ever ...
    thanks for having your camera and for sharing!

  8. That is seriously one of the most *ADORABLE* cars I think I've ever seen!!! Thanks for stopping to take a pic to share with us!!! (I have a red Bug w/ black spots!)

    Meg :)

  9. How could you not smile after seeing this?

  10. That is a very cute car. Once, when I was visiting my sister in the Berkshires, we had to stop and get out of our car to show the kids this minivan that was completely covered with Legos. The whole outside! It was very impressive.


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