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• 31 July 2009

For several minutes my little one didn't move an inch. Watching the "tile guy" install a few "new" antique tiles was apparently quite intriguing for a 2-year-old. I'm glad the camera was handy...her stance is amusing and to be honest, she rarely sits/stands this still!


  1. I fell on your blog today and I am enamored by it. I was an LDS missionary in France and your blog brings back all the love I have for that country, language, and people. Thanks for sharing your gifted blog with all of us!

  2. awww look at miss s - how cute! we miss your kiddos! the house looks great, we can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. She is so cute. My parents have quite a few shots of me standing the same way. They were very big on the "hands in your pockets" (to keep us out of stuff we shouldn't touch). Charming

  4. tee hee ... what a cute little button, standing there with her hands behind her back ... a penny for her thoughts!

  5. I wish my 2-year old would stay still for a few minutes.


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