stephmodo: Construction Update No.4

Construction Update No.4

• 14 August 2009

We are halfway through with finishing up the ceiling on the first level. They've been super time consuming, but the results are simply lovely. Go hubby go.

Step 1. Sandblasting - (this is a fun post)
Step 2. Taping & Painting (we opted for the Mediterranean White at RH)
Step 3. Scraping edges for clean lines
Step 4. Staining beams

Lighting went in just after I took this picture and it looks fabulous. More pictures later...gator.


  1. Steph your home is looking so beautiful. What a wonderful renovation you are completing.

  2. What did you use to scrape with for the clean lines? We have an old farmhouse with beams in the ceiling much like yours. (And I've been putting off the painting! LOL!)

    I look forward to your posts, you are so inspirational.

  3. If a house could talk, I am sure your house would say thank you for all you are doing to make it beautiful.

  4. i just got completely sucked into your blog and read it for like an hour!! what a fun adventure to restore a home in france. your photos are gorgeous, and i really love your funny and sweet notes about your experience.

    also, i live in new york, and if you're still looking for a hotel, The Ace Hotel is GREAT -- super friendly, super stylish and very reasonable. xoxo

  5. Deborah,

    First of all we sandblasted the beams. Lots of sand, lots of mess, lots of work, and lots of clean up. But inevitably during the construction process the beams became dusty again and had spackle, plaster etc. that had dripped on the beams.

    To clean that stuff off we used a utility knife, a metal bristled brush and a spackling spatula/knife. What you do is you hold up the spackling spatula against the painted sheetrock for protection, and then underneath it you take the utility knife and go side to side (not up and down as if you were cutting something). That's the best way we've found to clean the corners. Then, still with the spatula against the painted surface for protection, you take the metal brush and brush hard to clean the rest of the beams. and Voila! Beams are ready to varnish/finish.


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