Fromage Blanc Parfait with Honey & Walnuts

• 04 August 2009

One of my favorite parts of being here is having so many uncommon-in-the-US ingredients at my fingertips. I've searched hi + lo over all of Utah for fromage blanc and have yet to find it anywhere. Yet, the little grocery store in the French countryside has more than a few brands of fromage blanc. And it's not expensive either, which is of course a bonus.

If you are lucky enough to live in San Francisco (Cowgirl Creamery carries fb), New York, or anywhere else they offer fromage blanc, give this little treat a try. Simply layer fromage blanc, walnuts, and high-quality honey (this is important as there are only 3 ingredients) together for a simple dessert. It only takes 5 minutes to assemble, saving you lots of time in the kitchen; that is, once you've rounded up the ingredients!


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