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Local Guide to France's Tag Sales

• 06 August 2009

In the US we refer to them as "garage sales", "yard sales" or "tag sales". Here in France, they are called "vide greniers"...meaning "empty attics". These sales are terrific. Sometimes you find excellent little antiques (although most of the time they are saved for the larger, more expensive, more furniture-oriented "brocantes"), antique toys, books, art and all sorts of wonderful little French-y things. Everyone gathers together for these large sales so instead of spending all day Saturday morning cruising the valley and hitting maybe 5 sales, you can visit 50-70 stalls in about 2 hours or less. I told the Husband today, that if I ever was one to have a bumper sticker (and I'm not one to have them), I'd probably want something that said, "This car stops at all vide greniers". It's that bad.

If you ever visit France and want to experience the thrill of a vide grenier, you MUST buy this book. It lists all the vide greniers in any chosen region, the date, the location, a phone #, and how many people are participating...all in a handy, little book. How did I ever get along without it? It'll only set you back 9 Euros, yet will provide hours and hours of browsing and spending pleasure :) Plus, you'll discover quaint little towns you would've missed otherwise. You can buy it online or in local bookstores in France.


  1. I would love to purchase this book but my French is somewhat limited (somewhat as in very). Any suggestions? Also, are any of these tag sales going on in the Fall?

  2. Lindalou, you can find them here at book stores. Check out FNAC when you arrive. And yes, there are vide greniers and brocantes in the Fall. The book will detail the year's sales in it.

    p.s. I wonder if would have a copy to purchase?


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