Stovetop Goodness

• 31 August 2009

Many of you are surprised I'm still meal planning here in France amidst the chaos that is our lives right now. Well, I'll tell you why...because I get to cook on this bad boy! The star of the cottage is this pimped out French stove that is so beautiful, I can hardly bear to mess it up {but I do}. It seemed only right to place a nice stove in the kitchen since the cottage used to be the town's Four Banal a few hundred years ago.

Deciding on the size of stove was easy (see top right), but the color was a whole other issue. There were so many lovely hues to choose from! We ended up choosing the color pictured above, top left, as it complimented the stone and the antique terracotta tiles the best. I confess it will be difficult to go back to my cheap, American, electric stovetop after cooking on a La Canche. It's too bad they are more than double the price in the US. Drat. I guess I'd better enjoy it while I can!


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