Construction Update No.5

• 01 September 2009

This week we threw out a lot of trash; thankfully it was the recyclable kind...plastic, cardboard, etc. We unwrapped mattresses, box springs, a sofa, a coffee table, and a myriad of other little things. I started a pile outside while working on the 2nd story as I found it easier than walking it downstairs and then outside. That drew a more than a few glances from the tourists passing by! We're getting used to it though :)

One of the major accomplishments this week was the stairwell makeover the Husband tackled. First, he cleaned and sanded all of the stairs from the main floor on up to the 3rd level. Then, he stained each stair (and the railing) by hand. Two nights in a row he was up until 2-3 a.m. trying to finish up while the kids slept. You see, you're not supposed to walk on the stairs while the stain is drying and since we knew the troops wouldn't want to be stranded, the late nights were necessary. The day after we took this picture he stained the new portion of the stairwell (see right photo) so I'll include a picture of that in the future. It turned out really nice, which was a great relief to us both. Stains can be tricky...especially if you are trying to match new wood to old wood.

Accomplished this week:

* antique tile floors on main level sanded, refinished & waxed
* stairwell sanded, stained - 1st coat
* shelves built for stairwell
* antique furniture oiled, waxed
* pillows & duvets purchased
* beams above windows stained

To do:

* 2nd coat on the stairwell
* paint new baseboards
* hang mirrors & art
* stock maid's pantry
* plant flowers in 3 beds; kill off remaining stinging nettle
* hire someone to build a box around gas canisters outside
* touch up portions of the hardwood floors
* buy a TV& DVD player

Ooh la you think we can do it in just 5 more days?


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