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• 07 September 2009

You won't believe this (we didn't at first), but it turns out that my husband's family vacationed here some 20 years ago. Yes, this very village! Talk about a twilight-zone moment. We even have pictures of our families at the same scenic overlook (although I didn’t include them in this post as to preserve my relationship with certain family members-wink, wink). What are the odds?

Here are a few images my father-in-law passed along to us:


  1. How cool is that?! I think it was all meant to be! You often refer to your husband's family's connections to France--did they live there when he was a child? He must love sharing this piece of his childhood with your kids!

  2. SO incredibly cool to have these images! What a gift, and definitely worthy of doing something really special with them! Hope you're all well! xo

  3. How random! How fun! Life can present such wonderful moments. Almost as if it was planned long ago and far away....

  4. Janika, the only connections we have to France are those we've made by visiting over the past decade and through my husband's religious service here about 15 years ago. He served an LDS mission in Switzerland and France. He learned to speak French fluently, and wanted to keep it up so he taught French as well. He now speaks only French to our children. We do feel a connection to this land though. His father also served an LDS mission in France and Belgium and is now doing religious service in Belgium after doing something similar in Paris. So there you go...the long and short of it :)


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