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Jam + Bread

• 07 September 2009

I've recently found a new treat to replace the pastries I've eaten waaaay too many of--homemade jam + bread. I have a great affection for homemade jam and I want to share with you some of the exotic flavors I’ve tried recently so you jam-makers out there can do a little experimentation on your own (let me know how it turns out if you do!).

Top left: Green Tomato/Lemon/Vanilla Bean; you may think this sounds crazy but it is simply delectable. The most lovely Moroccan woman gifted this to us…we are finding that everything coming out of her garden is out-of-this-world.

Bottom left: Apricot/Peach; this same woman, Wafa, also gave us a jar of apricot/peach jam which was made from fruit on the same tree. In their garden they grafted an apricot branch into their peach tree and this jam represents the harvest from their experiment. I would guess that a similar flavored jam could be found in one that simply mixed apricots and peaches.

Bottom Right: Mara du Bois (Wild Strawberry); it’s simple but incredibly delicious. It’s tough to find, even around these parts where wild strawberries are plentiful, so I enjoy every spoonful. I found this jar at the local food market in Sarlat, which is supposedly the most famous outdoor food market in France according to some sources. Whether or not that is true, it is a must-see if you are in the Dordogne. It runs on Wednesdays and Saturdays—get there before 9:30!


  1. Wow, green tomato/lemon/vanilla bean?! I'd love to try that!! Sounds like a good flavor combination for an Italian soda too!

  2. My Mom used to make an apricot pineapple jam that is to die for...reminded me of your peach and apricot. Yummy!

  3. That green tomato-lemon-vanilla jam sounds intriguing! I'd love to try that.


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