stephmodo: Chasing Pigeons at Le Grand Place

Chasing Pigeons at Le Grand Place

• 12 October 2009

My sweet, active, 4-year-old son cannot resist chasing unsuspecting birds...pigeons namely; and since European cities typically have lots of pigeons wandering about, he was in heaven while visiting Le Grand Place in Brussels a few weeks ago.


  1. So much fun, I bet my kids would love chasing those pigeons as well.

  2. this is PRECIOUS and these photos are so darling!!!

  3. My boys chase seagulls at the pakr. Not quite Le Grand Place, but still, boys chasing birds.

  4. Awwww....I was there in the Springtime years ago. It was such a beautiful Plaza, with potted flowers and cafe tables all around. Fun!

  5. How fun that he's even BEEN to Brussels! Do your kids know how lucky they are? (Probably not, but they will someday, lol.) How fun. Silly boy!


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