stephmodo: Grey Sea Salt from Guerande

Grey Sea Salt from Guerande

• 01 October 2009

One night in Beynac we ate at the local hotel restaurant, which specializes in French country cuisine (think foie gras, terrine, etc.). During our meal, the hotel manager, Sarissa, introduced me to something new--gros sel from Guerande. It is absolutely amazing and hands down the best salt I've ever consumed. The restaurant served the tiny pile of salt with fresh tomatoes from the chef's garden...very simple yet very good. It was love at first bite :)

I asked the hotel manager (who is also the manager of La Maisonnette!) what it was and where I could find it. She explained what it was and then said that it wasn't available in the area's grocery stores but that she would send me home with a bag. Heaven! What you see here is a little snack I prepared for myself with the salt and some little tomatoes from my garden here at home. Totally delish. Also exciting is the fact that something actually grew in my garden despite months of neglect :)

You can read all about the harvesting of coarse grey sea salt here on David Leibovitz's blog. It's fantastic.

If you want to give this delicious salt a try, you can find it here, here, and here.


  1. Salted tomatoes, yum.

    Do you know the NYC chocolatier Vosges? They have an incredible salted & almond chocolate bar. I bet your beautiful grey goodness would be extraordinary sprinkled on top of some heavenly French chocolate.

  2. I love fine salts from around the world. What a treat.

  3. I'm pretty sure they sell this at Williams Sonoma stores. Also, I was going to mention the Vosges bar, but I see another commenter has beat me to the punch!


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