stephmodo: A Kids' Bedroom for Him + Her

A Kids' Bedroom for Him + Her

• 05 October 2009

So many of us deal with the frustration of designing a bedroom for both a boy and girl. Meshing his and her tastes/preferences is tricky. Really, really tricky. It can't be all pink and it can't be all what can it be? I'd say something like this fits the bill perfectly.

image from Marie Claire Maison


  1. Oh, yes! That is darling. I love how they used the bookshelf to separate the two beds.

  2. Love the bookshelf divider, great bright colours

  3. I love maps, and so we have a bit of that going as a theme for my 3 kids' room (2 boys, 1 girl). They picked their own blankets in (saturated shades of) red, purple and green. It works.
    I love the divider but don't think my kids would do well not pushing things through to the other side. Or climbing it for that matter, but they're "adventurous."

  4. Love that yellow shelf. Pretty much everything about it

  5. We just found out that we're having a girl (we have a 2 yr old boy now), so this will definitely come in handy! I've actually been stressing how to make this work. I really want my kids to share a room, at least until they're older, but you're right-- it's tricky! Thanks.


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