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• 12 November 2009

After only one day in the Netherlands, I can see the allure quite clearly. It's no wonder so many ex-pats live there. I cannot wait to go back someday and after all of your wonderful recommendations, it looks like I could easily fill up my itinerary!

Since windmills were at the top of all of our lists, my in-laws drove us out to Kinderdijk (pronounced "kinder-dike"). Wow. I've never seen so many windmills in one setting. It was mind-blowing and the kids had such a great time. Since they are fans of the movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, they all appreciated being there. The whole experience was very simple, but so lovely. We Americans could use a few lessons from the Dutch :)


  1. My great grandparents came from Holland. I have been there and I have to say the simple life there is alluring. I have seen the windmills too and they are amazing!

  2. Oh, I've always wanted to go to the Netherlands! It's always a place that's existed only in brochures but your pictures really helped me envision actually going there some day.

  3. Oh I'm so glad you went! This was definitely our favorite place in the Netherlands. We loved it. We were there at dusk, no one was there, and it was just magic.

    And it's fun to see your gorgeous pictures... our memory card was corrupted and we lost everything from this amazing place. Thanks for helping me remember what it was like!

  4. Hi Stephany, I really like the way you post your pictures to your blog. Any chance you would want to share how you do it on a later post? Any recommendations will be appreciated. Thanks a lot!

  5. Plan and Play: Do you have photoshop?

  6. I have photoshop elements. Unfortunately, I do not have CS3 or CS4. Do you know if I can make it work with PE? Thanks


  7. I'm an American living in the Netherlands with my Dutch husband and Kinderdijk was one of the first places he and his parents took me to when I visited for the first time (about 12 years ago - before we were married). This place is one of the only spots that I know of where so many windmills are still standing together! It's unfortante that in the mid 90's that a group of teens felt the need to burn down one of the 20 windmills that were standing at Kinderdijk. Most of these windmills are older than the US alone! Thankfully there are still 19 standing some of which are still being lived in.

    On a side note: I love reading your experiences with La Masionette and beyond. Especially when I can relate to how living in a foreign country can change you in ways that you never realized.
    Keep sharing!
    ~Rachel K├╝ppers


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