Getting a Good Deal on a Quality Handbag

• 12 November 2009

Confession: I love a nice handbag. Why? Well, a nice handbag has the ability to dress up a Target t-shirt or even pajamas at times; although the latter usually represents a more challenging situation :) I also appreciate how it makes me feel a little more polished (this can be a real struggle with little kids as many of you may know). Long ago I gave up my dress slacks and heels, but I'll be darned if I'm going to give up my nice, leather handbag. It doesn't have to be a designer name, and the more understated the better, it just has to be real. I'm interested in quality that will last several years as I tend to keep pieces for a really long time.

I decided to try my hand at Ebay and it turns out, this is an excellent place to scour for secondhand leather (even designer) bags. I found a bag that I loved and after a little trip to the cobbler for a conditioning, it looks pretty darn good! If you decide to take the same path, I'd recommend going for a black handbag. Cobblers have a much easier time gussying up these bags given the lack of color-matching they have to do. If you bought a bag in say brown, it might be tricky for a cobbler to cover up the scuffs if they don't have an exact match of polish.

Here are a few "pre-owned" pretties on Ebay right now. You won't want to miss these auctions:

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Miu Miu


Cole Haan

Marc Jacobs

Vintage Aurielle

Yves Saint-Laurent

Since you never know what is going to pop up on Ebay, I'd recommend checking often, or recording a saved search. Once something pops up on Ebay that meets your criterion, they send you an email. It's pretty slick and if you are looking for something specific, like I was, it's a real time saver.


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