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Organization...Catch the Wave

• 16 November 2009

It's been awhile since I posted organization tips, but you may be seeing more of those because the "nesting" bug is back. This is not to say I am an organized person (anyone who knew me before the age of 23 can attest to this!)...I simply enjoy the process. Here's why:

1. it's free
2. it's gratifying
3. it's calming
4. results are instantaneous
5. knowing what you have is half the battle

Like many things in life, the process of organization is gradual. I find that one 10-20 minute project per day is the perfect amount of time to allocate towards getting organized. Totally doable, right? Give yourself a week; participate in one small project a day and see how you feel at the end of the week. I'm guessing it's going to be good!'s all about gathering momentum.

If you need an idea or two as to where to start, here is what my week is looking like:

Day 1: De-junk Car

Day 2: Organize linen closet

Day 3: Tidy kitchen miscellaneous/junk drawer

Day 4: Tackle the game closet

Day 5: Re-work area under kitchen sink

Day 6: Re-organize my recipe binder

Day 7: Rest :)

images via Organize Magazine


  1. Today I cleared out one of the kids' art drawers. It's so liberating!

  2. I was just feeling the need to do this...thank you for the added inspiration!

  3. i just started a things to do before the holidays list and some of these are on mine too...

    J :)

  4. Can you tell us where the door organizer (in the 2nd photo) comes from? I've been looking for this exact thing (see through, nice looking door organizer) to get my husband's knitting supplies under control.

  5. I do think 10-20 minutes is doable. I've got so much to do, it's gonna take months, but it is so rewarding.

  6. your list looks just like the to do list ive been ignoring the last two hours by blogging instead. lovely blog you have here.

  7. Mmm, I was organizing last night. So gratifying. Next up, my closet! How do you organize your clothes?

  8. Suzanne, try The Container Store for the over-the-door organizer.

    Virginia, I pick up wooden hangers at IKEA, and hang everyhing I can, including pants, jeans, skirts, etc. I stack knit tee's and t-necks in one pile and then sweaters folded in another (on a shelf). I use a hanging shoe organizer (I don't like shoes on the ground--it makes my small closet feel larger) too. Finally, I organize them according to style/occasion. Hope that helps! Perhaps this link will help as well:

  9. must be catching! I've been in nesting mode for a month or so. Your list looks much like mine did. What I have left: game closet and recipe binder.

    One thing I recently did was purge the kids' room. With the holidays coming it's nice to start fresh(:

  10. Mmm, lovely ideas. I'm all about organizing and re-organizing. Maybe it's the Librarian in me {that's my profession}...

  11. Great idea! I'm going to join you this week actually.

  12. I love your organizing tips! I once was a very organized, not so much. It's not that I'm terrible,just not where I'd like to be. Last week I worked on trying to figure a system out with all the homework, projects, etc.
    This week, it is my "office" area. I wish I could higher an organizer! Oh, how nice would that be.

  13. yay, i'm in desperate need of some inspiration!!

  14. Thanks for the inspiration to get started! I have several places in my home that need some organizing, but I've been putting it off, trying to enjoy the last little bit of good weather. Now that the snow has hit, I might as well get started! I look forward to your organizing tips--you always have such great ones.

  15. Always fun to read up on organization.. thanks!


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