stephmodo: Organizing a Kitchen Pantry

Organizing a Kitchen Pantry

• 30 December 2009

Forget it...I can't wait until the new year to start organizing! My messy pantry is too far gone to ignore for another few days. I'm sure most people only need to spend maybe an hour or two max, but oh no, it took me 4 hours to get my pantry in ship-shape. That being said, I can't tell you though how good it feels to have this completed. Cooking and baking will be even more fun now that I can actually access what I need!

This is what I did to organize my pantry:

* took everything out and then wiped down the walls and shelves
* threw expired food in the trash (as well as any other junk/papers/etc.)
* cleaned out bins and re-sorted contents
* assembled can racks, helper shelves, and under-the-shelf organizers before placing in pantry
* filled in the empty spaces with everything else
* rewarded myself with a box of San Pellegrino because the bottles are not only pretty all lined up, but nice to sip during a nice dinner :)

Now on to my junk drawer for the second time since returning from France. Clearly I need a new system :)

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  1. Lovely!

    This makes me miss our butler's pantry. I understand the lining-up of the water bottles. For me, it was TyNant. The light used to hit them perfectly at 1pm.


  2. so inspiring - i'm drooling!

    since you're organizing, wondered if you had any suggestions for keeping refrigerators organized? i'm fortunate enough to have just purchased a commercial side by side refrigerator and freezer - great but both units only have shelves and that means no drawers, etc. can't get my head wrapped around how to keep contents neat and tidy. any suggestions?

  3. It looks beautiful, great job. One day I'll have a decent size pantry, but I'm not sure it'll ever look like that.

  4. Pinky, I don't have any suggestions off-hand besides to empty our your fridge at least once monthly. I"ll let you know if I come across any bright ideas ;)

  5. I think I drooled on the keyboard. Thanks.

  6. Oh, to have that many shelves and an actual pantry!! I shouldn't complain, we have lots of cabinets, and just totally reorganized the kitchen. We designated a top/bottom cabinet to hold all of the regular food. Pasta goes in an upper cabinet to the right of the stove, and baking items (except flour, which I store in the fridge) are in a seperate baking section of cabinets.

  7. This totally inspired me (again!) I remember you inspiring me last New Years too. Hop on over to see what I did and I even gave you a shout out (again!)


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