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Outdoor Spaces

• 30 November 2009

Some gorgeous images of outdoor spaces...

This is actually a great time of year to start scheming plans for your own outdoor space, as much of what you'd like to add is probably on sale. Speaking from experience, it takes a long time to find both well-priced, well-designed pieces for an outdoor space. We wasted an entire summer (and a portion of early Fall too) searching for things that met this criterion. I wish we'd thought of it months earlier (around Christmas) so we could've enjoyed the summer season a little more.

Some sales worth checking out:

DWR * Home Depot * Restoration Hardware * Room & Board * Target

images from Sunset


  1. This is really wonderful inspiration. I have an unfinished backyard that I've no ides what to do with. This is a much better time to plan than frenetically handling it during the summer.

  2. that last photo so perfect! wow.

  3. love those images! I live in an apt with 2 small balconies... do you have any suggestions for small outdoor spaces? we just have our grill and 2 camping chairs out there haha

  4. that firepit + bench with pillows combo is making me wish it was summer again. so inviting!

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