• 31 December 2009

After putting the kids to bed last night, I came downstairs to my quiet kitchen to document all the thoughts spinning in my head that day...a yummy trifle I recently made, an organizing tip, a short video of La Maisonnette, and some images recently clipped from a favorite magazine. Then, I noticed a link I'd left on my computer earlier that day--a link to a series in the Arizona Republic about Stephanie Nielson's plane crash and miraculous recovery. I sat down to read it and found myself pouring through the web pages, wholly immersed (even though I've been following her blog, this series of articles shares new insight). Forty-five minutes later I wiped my eyes and could only think of Stephanie, her struggles, her pain, and the challenges she's facing in her personal life.

I felt particularly impressed with her honesty, faith and love for motherhood. You see, not everyone comes wired the same way, and while I love my children with all of my heart and have willingly suffered to bring them to the world, I do not feel currently equipped to be the kind of mother that Stephanie has always been...pre- and post-crash. However, whenever I read her posts, and in particular this story, I am increasingly motivated to change, to improve and to be the kind of mother my children need me to be. I try so hard, but I know I need to increase my efforts.

I am deeply appreciative for all we've accomplished as a family in 2009 and hoping for a bright and hopeful 2010. May we all allow another persons' example to move us towards developing our full potential in this upcoming new year. How lucky we are to experience a new beginning and put our best foot forward. Friends, have a wonderful new year!

image by Elizabeth Perry of Woolgathering


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