Displaying + Storing Your Child's Art

• 25 February 2010

This post has been a long time in the making. Ever since reading Downtown Chic, I've felt a renewed interest in displaying my children's art in a cool way. Although it's a project I could've tackled in one long night, I decided to spread it out over a few weeks. It feels good to finally be done...at least for child #1...now I need to do the same thing for child #2! These preschoolers bring home a heck of a lot of art, no?

Step 1: When my kids come home with art, I typically write the date, which child created it (we do have 3 kiddos running around and although you think you'll always remember these details, you don't), and what it is. Sometimes the subject is obvious, yes, but many times it isn't (think: "it's a picture of mommy? wow!") If there is a funny story or explanation from my child about the art, I write a quick phrase on that as well. Then, I throw them into a basket. I do this everyday until the pile becomes out-of-hand and I'm forced to deal with the issue :)

Step 2: I laid out my child's art across the floor and asked her to choose 10 of her favorite pieces. On top of that I added my own 10 favorites--things I know she'd enjoy looking at as an adult.

Step 3: I scanned and then saved the images in a folder on my computer.

Step 4: Next, I piled them nicely together and wrapped them in twine. I then placed the wrapped stack in my child's "special box"--a box of keepsakes and treasures for her to enjoy throughout her life.

Step 5: Open Photoshop (note: you do not have to be a Photoshop expert to do this). Open saved images and resize them to be the same width (I sized mine to 350 pixels wide). Play around with an arrangement on your computer until you are pleased with the composition.

Step 6: Open a new file, this will be your blank slate. Make the background white.

Step 7: Start dragging your images to the new canvas and watch your child's art come to life again!

Step 8: Print image and frame.

Here is what I came up with:


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