stephmodo: Last-Minute Valentine Ideas

Last-Minute Valentine Ideas

• 12 February 2010

Alright folks...just one more day for Valentine prep! Here are some of my favorite {simple} ideas for the occasion a la Martha. Some of these ideas I've had in my binder since 2004 so it's nice to finally put them to use and share them with you. What I love about each of these tiny projects is how easy they are to pull off and how visually appealing they all are. As an added bonus, many of the required items are available at a regular grocery store.

1. Type out romantic quotes in a Word document. Print. Trim paper using scissors or a paper cutter. Wrap around box and add one piece of ribbon.

2. Make sugar cookies (if you don't have an "x" or an "o" just use hearts!). Wrap in box with colored tissue paper to dress is up. Tie with ribbon.

3. All you need here is chocolate and I'd venture to guess most of us have that on hand! Oh, and a ziploc bag. That's it! Find directions here.

4. I love the idea of taking this idea and making it into something special for a non-sweets lover or diabetic. Instead of using candy, opt for fruit or vegetables instead. Canteloupe, melon, pomegranate seeds, berries, celery, carrots, or anything else colorful would do. I'm also loving the fancy salt version down below. I love cooking with nice salt, it really does make a difference.

5. Head to Target. Pick up large bouquet of flowers and big bag of Jelly Bellies (or conversation hearts--see right). Put to use those random vases and mason jars at home for this project. You could even use a plastic cup for the center since it's held into place by the jelly beans. Easy peasy.

all images via Martha Stewart


  1. What a great idea with the jelly beans between two vases. Thanks for the ideas!

    Also, I appreciated the blog visit! I'm still trying to find my niche in the blogging world, and encouragement from someone who is established is much appreciated!

    Thanks again.

  2. Great ideas steph! I'm still scrambling, as usual

  3. Hey Steph!
    I haven't made the lemon squares yet...sorry!
    I promise to let you know how they turn out once I do. (I am sure they will be divine...I make your carrot sufflè about every other week, it's the only way to get my husband to eat carrots:)) Will probably make them on monday or tuesday.
    These are such wonderful ideas, thanks for sharing!
    xo country girl

  4. martha is the best! great post! ooohhh so sad it is over! now...the next holiday! presidents day!!!


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